Red Beryl Vodka

O R G A N I C   V O D K A

As unique as a gemstone, Red Beryl vodka is a superb product of tradition kept in an elegant matte bottle embellished with a Swarovski crystal. The surprisingly pure aroma is achieved following the traditional Russian recipe but using state-of-the-art technology. 


Red Beryl Vodka is made in an old Russian factory with a tradition dating back to 1865. To ensure the product’s quality, highly qualified technologists supervise the entire process. Red Beryl is produced only in small batches so each production phase can be given special attention and the most delicate parts of the process are performed manually. The quality of the production process is subject to rigorous supervision.


The spirit in Red Beryl vodka is of the highest purity. It is produced from wheat that is grown and carefully harvested in Russian fields. Only pure spring water is used in vodka production, taken from a depth of 110 meters from the company’s own wells. The water is then purified multiple times using silver and put into production immediately so it would preserve its fresh and natural taste.

Bottle Preparation

Each bottle used for Red Beryl vodka undergoes a thorough quality check after which it is manually adjusted. The cork is soaked in Red Beryl itself so it could not affect the color nor the flavour of the final product. Lastly, the exclusiveness of the bottle is emphasized with the final touch, a Swarovski crystal is manually inserted onto every bottle above the name Red Beryl.


The unique taste is not to be jeopardized. Before final bottling, every bottle is additionally rinsed out with Red Beryl. Its elegant fragrance together with the rich and yet mild taste foreshadow the warm feeling of pleasure and bring excitement to the table when Red Beryl is served.