Spring Mineral Water


Fatsu started his journey in the water sector in 2000. Fatsu Natural Resource Water, greenery is unique in the Black Sea Region of Giresun province 1.100 m from the Çimşir Village in the altitude. Our production facility is located in Sultaniye Village which is 3.5 km away from the water source. Because it is located quite far from the settlement areas, we are able to increase our production without being affected by industrial pollution, agricultural and domestic waste. We convey the purity and nature of our source to each bottle.

FATSU has made significant contributions to the meeting of the Black Sea Region with packaged water, leading companies in the production and investment of bottled water. Rapid spread of packaged water cultures is a very short period after the establishment of the subsequent production capacity and added new production lines to the plant by making significant investments to diversify product groups. Still more continues its investments without interruption and presents its products to customers in harmony with technological developments.

FATSU plans to continue its investments in the new period without interruption. Fatsu, together with its employer and its employees, both production, sales and sales after-sales services that values ​​human health, a modern and innovative approach to the principle of self-employed.

Families of FATSU products, which are taken from the natural source of greenery and bottled without touching hand; 19L recycled carboy, 0,33L-0,5L and 1,5L pet bottle, 5L – 10L PET bottles and 200 CC – 250 CC glasses. FATSU offers its customers a healthy, hygienic natural spring water warranty.

The products are presented to the consumers in a completely hygienic manner with careful analysis at every stage of the realization process.



Upon official request we can send a quotation for you and of course samples to check the taste and quality, as we are the International Sales office based in The Netherlands. Use or contact form or phone number to reach us.